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Handbook On Colorectal Diseases
The “Handbook on Colorectal Diseases” has just been released as an E-book and available on iBooks and iTunes. It was a labour of love from my colleagues and I to give an overview of noteworthy topics in Colorectal Surgery. We authored this book as a guide to primary care doctors, trainees in General Surgery and medical students to give them a better understanding of the common conditions that afflict our patients. I am proud to have contributed several chapters to the Handbook on Colorectal Diseases. Sharing our knowledge and expertise in Colorectal Surgery is one way for us to give back to Society; by educating fellow and future doctors about these conditions. Many thanks to Fortis Healthcare Singapore for making this a reality. Many thanks to Janssen-Cilag, Singapore and Transmedic, Singapore as well for your sponsorship of the book.
Colorectal Surgery
Book Chapter for “Colorectal Surgery – A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice

Chapter 15 – Minor Anorectal Conditions

Summary - “Colorectal Surgery – A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice” is a textbook for advanced specialty trainees and practicing surgeons in the field of colorectal surgery, which has been endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of England as a preferred text for their trainees. In this fifth edition, I co-authored the chapter on minor anorectal conditions with Professor Seow Choen. The chapter focused on the most up-to-date management of patients with haemorrhoids (or piles), anal fissures, pruritis ani (itching of the anus) and pilonidal sinus. It was an honour to be recognized as a leader in the field and privilege to teach all the colorectal surgeons around the world on the best techniques to manage patients with haemorrhoids, anal fissures, pruritis ani and pilonidal sinus. This will greatly improve the care of patients with colorectal diseases, and especially anal conditions. Haemorrhoids, anal fissures and pilonidal sinus may be minor anorectal conditions but their impact on the lives of patients is immeasurable.
Articles In the Press
2013 August 28

Dr Lim answered questions related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which was featured in the "Q & A" section of Singapore's TODAY newspaper advertorial on the 28-Aug-2013.

Educating the public on gut-related health issues is important as it empowers members of the public to be more aware of their own gut health. I recently collaborated with Vitagen to answer some questions from TODAY newspaper readers on their common gut health problems. The symptoms asked are very common and could be a sign of functional bowel disorders such as diarrhoea, constipation and bloating. Many of these symptoms are easily remedied. However, these symptoms may also be due to colorectal cancer and further assessment by a specialist may be needed if the symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks.
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