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Anal Skin Tags

What are skin tags?
Skin tags refer to loose skin that protrudes from the flat surface of skin as a lump. Anal skin tags are usually found at the edge of the anus. These may grow larger with time and cause difficulty cleaning the anus after bowel movement.
It is important to differentiate skin tags from other lumps around the anus such as warts or prolapsed piles. These conditions require different treatment. If in doubt, please see a colorectal surgeon.
Are skin tags harmful?
Skin tags are not at risk of becoming malignant (cancerous). If you have no symptoms, skin tags do not need to be removed. The main symptom from skin tag is staining of underwear because it is difficult to clean the anus well after bowel movement. Sometimes, this staining causes itching around the anus. Occasionally, with large skin tags, it can become uncomfortable or painful to sit down or walk because of the abrasion to skin.
It is common to find skin tags in patients with haemorrhoids or anal fissures. If you are undergoing surgery for either of these conditions, the skin tags can be removed at the same time.
How can it be treated?
Anal skin tags which are not causing problems can be left alone. The cause for a skin tag to develop is unknown and may recur even after it is removed surgically. If you are having problems with anal skin tags, the best treatment is to excise them. This can be done as a day case procedure and the wound is usually left open to heal over 2 weeks.
What is the chance of recurrence of the skin tags?
Nobody is sure about the chance of recurrence of skin tags as its aetiology is unknown.  Therefore, if the anal skin tag is not causing symptoms, it is usually left alone. For those patients who have their skin tags excised, any recurrent skin tag tends to be smaller than before and less likely to cause symptoms.
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